Got my stuff in from Fraggin Wagon (Michael DosSantos) and it looks great. everything is exactly what i won and looks even better in person. Would not hesitate to order more thanks again!

                                                                                            -Robert Picone (March 3rd, 2015)


Received my box from Michael DosSantos today. Wow, the packing was fantastic. Plenty of water for everything to ship in, pest free, and open in the bags. The special care taken on the blasto really shows in the health of the coral.
                                                                                                 -Wes Rehfeld (March 20th, 2015)


A huge shout out to Michael with Fraggin Wagon for the great corals I got from him. I received the package the next day in the mail and it was packaged wonderful and still nice and warm even with our chilly weather.

                                                                                                    - Pam Meinert